#webring #go

A simple HTTP webring and file server.

Example: https://example-webring.hellerwach.com

Installation #

Go’s Package Manager #

go install hellerwach.com/go/wwwebring@latest

GitHub Releases #

Usage #

The port, static file directory and ring data location can be changed with flags.

-h, --help            help for wwwebring
-p, --port int        port on which the server will run (default 9898)
-r, --ring string     path to the ring data (default "./ring.json")
-s, --static string   path to the static directory (default ".")

For testing purposes you might want to clone the repository and use the example directory. The following steps will assume this.

If you want to run the webring server with the static files from example/ and the ring data located within it and the port 9876, run this command:

wwwebring -s example -r example/ring.json -p 9876

The ring data is contained within a JSON document. You can edit it freely. If you do not know JSON syntax, just look at the example.

Collaboration #

Open a pull request or an issue.

License #

MIT. See LICENSE file for further information.